Osteria Amaro



It’s the osteria/wine bar of Podere del Maro’s organic winery, where you can taste our natural wines paired with a fresh and authentic cuisine, that is always attentive to the sustainability of its raw materials, supporting the organic small-scale producers.

The cuisine is led by Marco, chef-vigneron of the winery. The front-of-house is managed by Matilde, a philosopher who’s really passionate about fair and healing food. Their mission is an ethical cuisine built on a micro-seasonal basis, always rich in colours and contrasts.

“The great majority of our raw materials comes from our organic vegetable garden, especially the herbs, main characters of my cuisine. The vegetarian choice is the result of a very long and deep journey within myself. At Amaro, above all, what really counts is the respect for our Earth, bodies and souls. This is our way of caring for the future.”

The Menu   Wine List

The osteria is open every day, from 18 to 00.

T. +3901831974989
M. +393476619882

Via Paolo Merano 18, Borgomaro (Imperia)